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Organic Hemp: How sustainable is CBD really?

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in history. For thousands of years, the versatile all-rounder has been used in numerous products such as paper, ropes, sails and even clothing. Also from a medicinal point of view, especially CBD of the non-psychoactive cannabis plants has been arousing great interest for centuries.

Recently, CBD has enjoyed great popularity. A healthy lifestyle is often accompanied by increased environmental awareness. Therefore, many people are increasingly paying attention to sustainability when choosing their CBD product. But how sustainable is CBD actually? And what aspects should be considered before buying a sustainable CBD product?

Power-hungry CBD indoor farms?

Hemp is sustainable in many respects. Because the cannabis plant is not only extremely frugal in cultivation, but also very high-yielding. However, the female non-psychoactive cannabis plants used for CBD extraction often have to be grown indoors in our latitudes. While this ensures year-round weather-independent harvesting for commercial operations, the sunlight in the halls must thus be replaced by artificial lighting. The "green" alternative to conventional power guzzlers in indoor cultivation are special energy-saving LED lamps. In this way, a whole lot of resources can already be saved and emissions prevented during the cultivation of CBD hemp.

Renunciation of pesticides

But indoor cultivation under laboratory conditions also has positive factors for the environment. In contrast to commercial hemp fields, the use of pesticides or other pest controls can be completely avoided, and it is also possible to ensure that the CBD oils are free of impurities and chemical residues. In addition, the plant residues can be used as biomass in power plants to produce renewable energy. The remains of the stems are used to produce bedding for animals.

Gentle CBD extraction

The most sustainable and efficient method to extract CBD from hemp plants is extraction using ultrasonic method. It is not only the most environmentally friendly of all methods, but also protects all valuable cannabinoid compounds, terpenes, flavonoids of the hemp plants.

But not only the CBD should be extracted in a gentle, sustainable process, also the carrier oil used should come from an organic certified cultivation. This is because the highly concentrated CBD is added to a carrier oil to make it easier to dose. Ideally, a gentle, cold-pressed organic hemp oil without further additives is used for this.

Which CBD packaging is sustainable?

In love as well as with CBD, it is above all the inner values that count. However, contrary to the choice of partner in sustainable CBD products, the external factors are also highly decisive. Because even the most resource-saving CBD concentrate becomes an ecological dilemma in a plastic dress. The CBD oil is therefore at best filled in purple glass bottles. These not only protect the valuable CBD from UV rays but, unlike plastic containers, are also free of harmful substances. The packaging of the CBD bottles should also be made of cardboard instead of cheap and environmentally harmful plastic.

Sustainable CBD: What to consider before buying?

Those who value the sustainability of the CBD product should definitely look at the cultivation and production chains before buying. Reputable CBD stores guarantee the quality of their product not only through regular, content-related analyses - but also make all processes publicly visible. Should any point still be unclear, it is always useful to clarify any questions in advance via the contact field and, if necessary, to have them certified by the CBD stores by means of receipts.

Here again all sustainability aspects summarized for you:

- No pesticides during cultivation

- For indoor cultivation: LED instead of power-guzzling lamps

- Gentle CBD extraction

- Environmentally friendly packaging: glass bottles and cardboard instead of plastic

- Carrier oil certified organic if possible

- Transparent production steps + laboratory analysis


Author: Miles

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