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„For a better tomorrow.“

We love what we do; and we love hemp! Therefore, it is important to us to infect you with this spirit (and through our qualitative products). Because there is so much more in hemp than you might think at first. We believe in the potential of the hemp plant and want to make our contribution to the environment and sustainability. Hemp not only has an incredibly diverse range of uses: whether in health / medicine, in food (as a superfood), or as care for beautiful and clear skin. As a sustainable raw or building material, hemp also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. That is why our heart beats fully for the natural talent.


Hemp has always been our favorite among raw materials. There are plenty of reasons for this: hemp thrives in almost any soil, requires little irrigation, can be processed with little energy input and is biodegradable. In addition, the hemp plant is highly resistant to pests and fungal attack, so that neither chemical herbicides nor pesticides need to be used in the cultivation and manufacture of our products. Last but not least, hemp is a raw material of which everything - from the seeds to the leaves - can be used. Sustainable, that's what we at HempCrew want to stand for!

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Through each product sold from our store, we donate 0.50€ to heart projects in the context of environmental protection. That means, with every order you automatically donate to charitable projects, with one product it is 50 cents, and per product more this value is added on top! Every single one of us can contribute something and make sure that living beings and nature are protected. Only in this way can we ensure that future generations will have an equally beautiful life on this planet and fight climate change! Whether "species protection", "marine protection", "climate protection", "forest protection" or "environmental protection in general"; the list is long and only together we can achieve something.


In terms of packaging waste, we are constantly trying to improve and are looking for ways to both ensure the quality of our products constantly and to use the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. From now on, you will find a small card in every CBD oil from HempCrew that explains how you can dispose of the empty bottle correctly and environmentally conscious.

We at HempCrew are - as the name suggests - 100% behind the native plant and its many benefits to our environment. Let's make great things happen together and sustainably promote life on our earth. We can only do that together!