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„CrossFit has changed my training and enriched my life“ – Whoever regularly completes a WOD (Workout of the day) in one of the more than 15,000 CrossFit boxes worldwide can identify with this statement. Andrea also enjoys training with other like-minded people and preferably as a team. The "community" is especially connected by the passion for this diversified sport. CrossFit is, as the name suggests, a mixture of different sports. Elements from endurance sports, such as running or rowing, combined with exercises for coordination, balance and mobility with elements from gymnastics. Plus lots of power and explosiveness with elements from Olympic weightlifting and other disciplines and methods. "Together we go to our limits and beyond, we develop ourselves further, learn new movements that we could not do before, such as running on our hands. It's fun and connects." But what does the daily training routine of Andrea & Co look like? 


Before you go into the box in the morning: First a coffee and a smoothie. Andrea and her husband Stefan prefer to train in the morning in the regular CrossFit class. Sleepy and still a bit clumsy, they first look at the whiteboard. Which workout is next today? Coach and Boxowner Thorben briefly explains what is in store for the people. And then it can start! Between the warm-up and the actual workout we usually do a strength or technique part, for example back squats. The workout for today is called „Havana“. A so-called Hero Wod, which was dedicated to a deceased soldier who was killed in action. A 25 minute “Amrap” (as many rounds as possible) consisting of 150 Double Under, 50 Push Ups and 15 Power Cleans. After the regular CrossFit class Andrea and Stefan are still training their own training plans. Often there is something on the schedule that doesn't work out so well yet. We are happy to register for the one or other CrossFit competition. Primarily because it is fun and we use it as a training motivation. After the boxing we go exhausted but motivated to work. The best start to the day - at least that's how our team and most CrossFiters out there feel. Regeneration is an important topic for the ambitious recreational athletes. If you want to be healthy and efficient, there is no way around restful sleep and sufficient regeneration in the long run. „Training and regeneration works best for me in a consistent routine“, Andrea says. „I am very consistent when it comes to my nightly recovery. Without enough sleep I just don't function as well. I regularly take the CBD oil with lavender flavour before bedtime. Especially after intensive training sessions the anti-inflammatory effect helps me to get a restful sleep without pain.“