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CBD & Yoga



Yoga promotes your flexibility, reduces stress and leads to more mindfulness in everyday life. Yoga promotes the body's production of cannabinoids, specifically anandamide - "the happiness molecule." For this reason, we invite you to join us for a special yoga class. On our YouTube-Channel you can find a lot of short yoga practise Videos, as well as live Yoga Classes we recently shot for you. Furthermore we are planning different events and Yoga-Challenges for you. Completely free and exclusive to our HempCrew community. Stay tuned!

All you need are your CBD oils from HempCrew, a yoga mat, and a block or firm pillow..

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Keshava found as a marathon runner many years ago about the movement into a dynamic stillness - as it is also described in the Yoga Sutra. Yoga has been his instrument for a good 8 years. He learned the practice in Yogaville/Virginia USA and in the Shivananda Ashram in Kerala/India, where he could finally test and deepen it. His teaching is clearly structured and he places great emphasis on alignment. A good alignment, recurring rituals, mantras and asanas help to switch off from everyday life, to focus and to let a breath-centered asana practice become meditation. "For me, yoga is a way to be able to exist in the world, to turn to the light again and again, to reduce oneself and thus to find back to the true self again and again. For me, the balance of body, mind and spirit are basic prerequisites for being one with the universe and the enlightenment that lies therein."

Yoga – Reset, Balance, Active


The yoga classes are inspired by the CBD oils in our Wellbeing line. These have inspired Keshava to take you on an exciting journey. The focus of each class is on the effects of that particular oil. Through an extensive activation phase followed by sun salutations, body, mind and spirit find each other. The rest of the practice consists of a balanced sequence of classical asanas (yoga positions). Here body and mind can find each other again. The class is rounded off with a guided relaxation phase through which we find our way back to our center. The yoga practice is ideal for beginners as well as advanced yogis.

You can check out the CBD Community Yoga Classes via YouTube for free:

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We wish you a lot of fun!
Namaste - Your HempCrew Team