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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is CBD?

This is a very good and important question! CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of over a hundred cannabinoids, chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The best known cannabinoid is THC, which has a psychoactive effect and is responsible for the state of intoxication. CBD, unlike THC, does not have a psychoactive effect and there is some evidence that it can help in the treatment of pain, seizures and other health problems.

From which part of the hemp plant is CBD extracted?

CBD oil is made from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. Only high quality plants are used for this. CBD is primarily obtained by extracting the hemp plant from cannabis varieties that are rich in cannabidiol. The plants come from purely organic EU agriculture; pesticides and herbicides are consistently avoided.

Is CBD addictive?

No, on the contrary! For the production of a legal CBD oil, only industrially cultivated hemp is used, which contains NO intoxicating substances. The cultivation of hemp and the production of CBD oils are subject to very strict quality controls. This results in the noise-free and legal natural product. Studies have shown that CBD can even help to get away from addictions like smoking. So try it out.

Does CBD get you high?

No. CBD is not psychoactive, so it doesn't make you high.

Do I get a "kick"?

You're not gonna get a "kick" in the form of a buzz.

Am I still sane after taking it? Or intoxicated?

That's the great thing about CBD. You will not feel intoxicated.

How does CBD work? How do the drops work?

Cannabinoids are a substance produced naturally in the body. These so-called endocannabinoids have an effect on our metabolism, the immune and hormone system, control mental abilities (e.g. learning), processing of emotions, perception and pain sensation. CBD can therefore have a positive effect on our body.

What is CBD used for?

Our CBD oils are used by our customers for many different applications. To fight pain and problems like restlessness or depression. Many customers also report positive results with sleep disorders. Of course, we are not allowed to make a promise of healing.

Can the drops also be massaged into the body? For massage/relaxation, wounds, pimples, on the temples for headaches...

Our CBD oils are mainly suitable for oral application. If you are looking for something for skin care / external application, our hemp balm is also recommended.

Do you have to take the drops regularly to feel an effect? Or can you feel them already after one single intake?

Every body is individual. Some report an immediate effect, and others only feel an effect after a few days or weeks.

What is the difference between 5%, 10% and 30% CBD content?

The difference is only in the concentration of CBD oils. Our 5% CBD oils contain a total of 458mg CBD, the double dose is in the 10% CBD oils with 920mg. Our new 30% oils contain 3000mg CBD. For comparison: 2 drops of the 10% oil are equivalent to 4 drops of the 5% oil.

Is the purchase legal or illegal?

Since our products are certified hemp from the EU, which contains less than 0.2% THC, it is legal.

How are your CBD oil drops made?

Our CBD extract is a gold extract. First the terpenes are extracted by distillation, then the cannabinoids are extracted by ultrasound. Then terpenes and cannabinoids are mixed and an extract with 80% CBD and 20% terpenes is produced. In contrast to CO2 extraction, no terpenes are lost due to the temperature difference. In the last step, the extract is mixed with either hemp seed oil (Essential Line) or MCT oil (Wellbeing Line) in the correct dosage. Thanks to the particularly gentle production process, the valuable natural terpenes of the cannabis plant are preserved.

Where are your oils produced?

Our oils are produced in Austria.

What exactly makes your product so special?

Our products all have a premium quality level. Our CBD oils are full spectrum oils, produced with organic hemp seed oil from Styria or MCT oil. We offer two different lines in order to be able to offer the right product for each type. Thanks to the addition of essential oils, the unique flavours have synergetic effects and are mild, with no scratching of the throat. The oils are bottled in high quality violet jars, which make the product last longer and preserve the bio-energy. In addition, our oils have less than 0.03% THC (guideline: less than 0.2% THC) compared to other suppliers.

Why should I buy from you?

If you value high quality products and want to become a part of our constantly growing crew, then you should also shop in our shop. Compared to our competitors we currently offer the best CBD oils with different flavours. Furthermore we ship your order within 1-2 working days to your home.

Is CBD detectable in urine?

No. Cannabidiol is generally not detectable by a urine test.

What is it like to have a police control (car) in traffic?

Unlike cannabis, there is no psychoactive effect of CBD and no test for the substance. Therefore neither the driving licence is in danger nor are there any problems when driving a car or at work. 

Can I give CBD oil to my children?

No, CBD oil is only suitable for adults.

Are your CBD oil drops an organic product?

Our CBD oils of the Essential Line are produced exclusively with the addition of organic hemp seed oil from Styria. The organic certification of a product is only allowed if all ingredients are organic. In our CBD oils (except Mr. Hemp) we add Steviola, which is not certified organic. And even more important: CBD and the production is also not certified organic.

Why are CBD oils so expensive?

From certified organic hemp fields to the Miron violet glass bottles, we meticulously make sure that our high quality standards are met at every step of processing. Quality has its price. Moreover, we are honestly below the average of other manufacturers / brands. Especially our premium CBD oils with a content of 30% are a real bargain compared to the rest of the market.

Why does the price become more expensive when the CBD percentage is higher?

Because the price increases when the oil contains more CBD.

Why is there so much hype about CBD in the media?

CBD products are a worldwide trend and receive more and more attention and acceptance in Germany. Especially in the sports industry CBD is a new catchword. Its versatile features make it a real must have. For the athletes among us, CBD offers a great benefit thanks to its many advantages. CBD and sport complement each other perfectly, many athletes use CBD against pain in the body or for a better sleep. CBD can be used in many different ways, which is why CBD products are becoming more and more popular in the sports industry. CBD has many positive effects on the human body, which is why the hype about the cannabinoid is unstoppable.

Interesting vial, why a dark glass?

Violet glass protects the valuable substances in CBD oil much better and longer against harmful sun rays. No other glass is able to preserve and energize the ingredients as well as violet glass. It also preserves the bio-energy of CBD Oil and its distinctive taste.

Your drops are also available with taste - why?

To be able to offer the right oil for each type, we have decided to offer different tastes. Especially for beginners it is much easier to get the taste of CBD, because the pure aroma of hemp needs some getting used to. Furthermore we combine the positive characteristics of essential oils with those of CBD oil.

Does the combination with the natural essential oils have the same effect?

Yes, our flavoured essential oils and our Wellbeing Line have been specially produced to benefit not only from CBD but also from the healing effects of essential oils.

Are your oils decarboxylated? What exactly does that mean?

Yes, our CBD oils are decarboxylated. All cannabinoids are present in the hemp plant in their acidic precursor. With a chemical process - the decarboxylation - CBD is activated and can unfold its full effect. The acid CBDa (cannabidiol acid) also has certain positive properties, which is why a small part of it can also be found in our CBD oils. Decarboxylation takes place at high temperatures, as CBD is formed when CBDa is heated properly.

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