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Why HempCrew

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„We love what we do and want to share this with you!“

We are HempCrew, a young and motivated team dedicated to enhancing your well-being and supporting you in a healthy and active lifestyle. Our products are made to be the best on the market. That's why we combine ingredients in our products that work even better together. As a base for our CBD oils, we use certified organic hemp seed oil or MCT oil, which provides essential nutrients to the body. Our commercial hemp comes from the EU. We follow strict quality controls and work exclusively with partners who share our own high standards. For our Essential line flavors (mint, lavender, lemon, vanilla,) we use additional essential oils that create a completely new taste experience. By adding these natural flavors, we expand the spectrum of CBD's effects and the possible uses of the oils. And for those who like it even more natural: Our "natural boy" Mr. Hemp does not need any essential oils at all. Our Wellbeing line (BALANCE - Pink Grapefruit, RESET - Orange/Melissa and ACTIVE - Ginger/Lemon) offers, besides a mild taste experience, a high dose of CBD. We pay meticulous attention to all our ingredients and conduct regular analyses.

CBD oils with flavour

For the right sweetness we use calorie-free Steviola®. Unlike many other oils, our CBD oils do not cause a scratchy throat. The great thing about our products, besides the premium quality, is the unique packaging. Our CBD oils are not filled in normal amber glass, but in UV glass. The violet glass protects the valuable ingredients better and longer. Of course, our CBD products are also free of additives and allergens. With us you get full spectrum CBD oils, which have a THC content of far below 0.2%. Full spectrum means that the entire spectrum of the hemp plant is utilized. The ingredients of the plant, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, work together even better than in isolated form. We are convinced that quality and attention to detail are the only true value of a product. You can feel and taste that!

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Our main goal is to offer you the best products for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our team consists of well-balanced people who enjoy exercise and are completely at peace with themselves. No matter if you are a yogi, a strength athlete or an environmentally conscious person. Through our years of experience we know exactly what is important for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and how important balance is for a balanced well-being. And it is exactly this flow that we would like to transfer to you. We ourselves were able to experience the enormous benefits of CBD after a short time and have since made it our mission to let you participate in it! Therefore, we always come up with exciting projects for you and with you. Among other things, we work closely with the MMA Studio in the heart of Munich. Mixed Material Arts combines different martial arts like wrestling, karate, kickboxing and Muay Thai. The MMA Studio in Munich is famous for its strong practical approach and the best techniques in boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The trainers are all professionally trained and passionate about taking care of their students. We also offer an exclusive CBD yoga class for our HempCrew community. Our experienced yogi instructor Keshava Prana will guide you through a very special practice. CBD Yoga combines everything we stand for: Relaxation, well-being and movement. But these are only a few examples. We - the HempCrew team - live from new challenges and want to share exactly that with you!


We combine the lifestyle idea with sustainability, quality and passion! That's why we at HempCrew offer you unique products that stand out from the crowd. Our brand reflects a healthy lifestyle, with which we want to support you through our products in the best possible way! Our ultimate goal is that you feel good and are in harmony with yourself. Whether in everyday life, at work or during leisure activities. Together we want to achieve that you can get the best out of you.

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