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„We love what we do and want to share this with you!“

We are HempCrew, a young and motivated team that has made it its business to accompany your training and to increase your well-being. Our products are made to be the best on the market. That is why we combine ingredients in our products that work even better together. As the basis for our CBD oils we use certified organic hemp seed oil, which provides the body with essential nutrients. Our hemp comes from the EU. We follow strict quality controls and work exclusively with partners who share our own high standards. For our flavours (mint, lavender, lemon, vanilla) we also use natural flavourings, which create a completely new taste experience. By adding essential oils we extend the spectrum of CBD and the possible applications of the oils. For the right sweetness we use calorie-free Steviola®. In contrast to many other oils, our CBD oils do not cause scratching in the throat. The great thing about our products is not only the first-class quality but also the unique packaging. Our CBD oils are not filled in normal amber glass, but in UV glasses. The violet glass protects the valuable ingredients better and longer. Thanks to our cooperation with Miron we can offer you such a high quality product. The Miron UV-glasses are the best on the market. Of course our CBD products are also free of additives and allergens. With us you get full spectrum CBD oils, which have a THC content of less than 0.2 %. Full spectrum means that the whole spectrum of the hemp plant is used. The ingredients of the plant, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, work together even better than in isolated form. Our CBD oils are natural food supplements. Please note that they cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. With CBD we want to support your active and healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that quality and attention to detail are the only true value of a product.
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Our ultimate goal is to offer you the best products for your training and active lifestyle. Our team consists of people who are enthusiastic about sports, from strength training to CrossFit. Through our years of experience we know exactly what is important in training and what demands athletes and sportsmen have. After a short time we could see the enormous advantages of CBD for body & mind and we made it our business to share this with you! We work closely together with the MMA Studio in the heart of Munich. Mixed Material Arts combines different martial arts like wrestling, karate, kickboxing and Muay Thai with each other. The MMA Studio in Munich is famous for its strong practical orientation and the best techniques in boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The trainers are all professionally trained and take care of their students with great passion. We love the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the MMA Studio! We also train regularly together with our HempCrew CrossFit Team and look forward to a variety of WODs. We work with many boxes all over Germany and internationally and sponsor our HempCrew teams. For all who want more competition: We are also present at competitions and events all over the world: The Battle of Amsterdam, Challenge makes you BÄÄM and CrossFit Isla blanca IBIZA are just a few examples. We - the HempCrew Team - live from new challenges!


We combine the lifestyle idea with sustainability, quality and passion! We at HempCrew offer you unique products that stand out from the crowd. Our brand reflects an active and sporty lifestyle, where we support you with our products in the best possible way! HempCrew Regenerate is aimed specifically at the sports and fitness industry, where fast regeneration is essential. As members of our crew, we want to accompany you during your training so that you can get the best out of yourself.

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