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Why is CBD actually so expensive?

The active ingredient CBD is on everyone's lips these days. The list of suppliers and manufacturers of CBD products and oils is long. But why is CBD so expensive? We have gone to the bottom of the question.

Trend responsible for the price?

Especially in recent years, the active ingredient CBD and various products with hemp experienced a real boom. In the meantime, they are indispensable for sports enthusiasts, people with a healthy lifestyle, but also simply for fans of the green herb. The demand continues to grow and grow. But if you observe the price development of the last few months, this had rather the consequence that the prices have fallen slightly. This development can be explained quite easily: You only have to take a look at the now very long list of suppliers and brands. This naturally results in a real competitive battle. And, of course, everyone wants to offer the best price/performance ratio. So what could be the real reason for the overpriced prices?

Quality makes the difference

Quality just has its price. And a good, high-quality CBD product only scores with a full-spectrum hemp extract. Unlike manufacturers who rely on cheap CBD isolates, our products contain only premium ingredients. And we've also thought of something special when it comes to packaging: Purple glass vials. But more about that in a moment. Because only where good is inside, a positive well-being can result.


The 3 decisive factors

To get a better understanding of CBD and what the differences are in the final product, you need to consider three different factors:

1. the hemp plant

The right processing is also crucial for CBD products. But let's start from the beginning: First and foremost, of course, it depends on the raw material hemp to be treated. High-quality cultivated hemp from the EU, which was planted and controlled under strict conditions, stands out clearly in price from hemp, which was treated with pesticides. As with all other products, you have to reach deeper into your pocket for high-quality hemp.

2. the extraction process

Here there are also serious differences, which are reflected in the price of CBD products (especially oils). Because there are different process techniques to extract CBD. For example, ethanol extraction. Here, as the name suggests, ethanol is used to filter cannabinoids and terpenes. However, this method has proven to be of inferior quality, as traces of harmful substances such as chlorophyll or alcohol may remain. Thus, we strongly advise against products that use this method!

Now we come to probably the most common method to extract CBD: CO2 extraction. Studies agree. High quality products can be obtained with this method. Additionally, it does not disregard sustainability. Because it is a very economical, easily accessible and safe alternative. Not only does the full spectrum of the hemp plant remain largely available, but also the other important ingredients. Since this method takes a little more time, it is also somewhat different in price from ethanol extraction.

But there is one process that outshines all other technologies. And that is the distillation process. We at HempCrew have deliberately chosen this method in order to be able to offer premium products. In this technique, first the terpenes are extracted by distillation, then the cannabinoids are extracted by ultrasound. Afterwards, terpenes and cannabinoids are mixed and an extract with 80% CBD and 20% terpenes is produced. In contrast to CO2 extraction, no terpenes are lost here due to the temperature difference. In the final step, the extract is mixed with hemp seed oil or MCT oil, for example, in the right dose. Thanks to the particularly gentle production, the valuable natural terpenes of the cannabis plant are preserved.

3. the end product

Ultimately, it is the end product that matters. This includes not only the ingredients, but also the packaging. In many products, there are other ingredients besides hemp. And as with CBD, you can either use inexpensive or high-quality raw materials. In the rarest of cases, there is a combination of both. Our products all have a premium quality level. The CBD oils are full spectrum oils produced with organic hemp seed oil from Styria or MCT oil. In addition, thanks to the addition of essential oils, the unique flavors have synergistic effects while being mild with no noticeable scratchiness in the throat. So nothing with artificial tastes, which consist only of sugar. Our motto is: Quality first. You can feel and see this also in the packaging. Because the oils are filled in high quality violet jars, which make the product last longer and the bioenergy is preserved in the process. In addition, the oils as a final product, compared to other suppliers, have less than 0.03% THC (guideline: less than 0.2% THC). Click here for our analyses.

Only the best: From us - for you!

With our products you are definitely at the right address. Because here you will not only get CBD products of the highest quality. You also get them at a very good & fair price-performance ratio. There are two different lines and a total of 8 different flavors for everyone's taste.


Author: Esra

Tags: CBD

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