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Shelf life of CBD: Can CBD oil actually expire?

CBD oil is not exactly cheap - which is precisely why it is often difficult to part with older products. It has a shelf life of forever anyway - or not? We clarify: Can CBD oil actually expire and how does it retain its effectiveness for as long as possible? Let's go! 

Can CBD Oil Drain?

The answer is yes! Like normal cooking oil, CBD oil also has an expiration date. Therefore, each bottle usually has a best-before date, as you know it from food or cosmetics. As a rule, CBD oil has a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years, but factors such as proper storage, light or air oxidation also play an important role so that the effectiveness of the CBD is not lost. You should therefore always pay attention to how and where you stow the product. At the end of the article we have summarized a few tips & tricks for you. In addition, it is worth investing a few dollars more in a full spectrum oil - also with regard to the best before date. The longest shelf life is pure CBD oil, which was produced without additional flavors.

If the oil has a strange smell or taste, you should better dispose of it.

CBD oil over the best-before date - A case for the garbage can?

In addition, the best-before date on the bottle tells you how long the oil will keep unopened. Here it behaves however like with food - only because the date is reached, does not mean that you must dispose of the product immediately. You should now check whether the oil is still good. How to do this, you will learn below. In general, CBD oils can be stored unopened for about 1 to 2 years. If it is already open, it usually lasts half a year. However, we would recommend that you always use up an opened bottle as quickly as possible, as the effect can generally be lost.

Tips & Tricks: Making CBD oil last longer

Nothing is more annoying than when the good and usually also expensive CBD oil has expired or becomes rancid. With the following tips you can ensure that your CBD oil lasts as long as possible:

- Always store upright in a cool, dark and dry place.

- Room temperature should be max. 21°C, storage in the refrigerator is not necessary

- Do not store near radiators, stoves or humidifiers

- Close the lid tightly to protect the oil from oxidation

- Protect oil from contamination, e.g. from a pipette that is not clean

- Avoid direct sunlight

How to tell if your CBD oil has expired

If one or more of these points apply, you should better stop using CBD oil:


- Unpleasant taste or smell

- Change in consistency

- Cloudy or milky coloration

Expired CBD oil consumed - now what?

Do not panic! Since you usually consume only a few drops of CBD oil, you do not need to be afraid. Usually, the worst is already over with the nasty taste - but of course you should still throw the product away.

If you follow all of the above points, your CBD oil should easily last 1 to 2 years without losing its effect. Always pay attention to the best before date, the correct storage and protect it from contamination. This way you can enjoy your product for as long as possible.


Author: Anna

Tags: CBD, Tipps, Tricks, Facts

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