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Essential oils and CBD: Pure healing power from nature

Do you remember the walk in the park and the wonderful scent of lavender? The fresh aroma of hot mint tea? How you joyfully waited as a child until the cake was finally ready and the whole house smelled of vanilla? All these memories in our minds are caused by essential oils - some may know them from aroma oil therapy. They are also used in our CBD oils. But why are they so popular and what exactly makes an aroma oil? 


What are essential oils?

We link many memories in our minds with certain smells. Especially popular, not only for our nose, but also for our mind and senses are essential oils. This is the scent of plants in liquid form. But essential oils are not to be compared with a normal olive or rapeseed oil that you use for cooking. If you open a bottle, the liquid virtually evaporates into the air - and what remains is a pleasant smell. 


The use of essential oils

Essential oils have enjoyed great popularity for many years. No wonder, because the pleasant scents have a direct effect on our brain and thus positively influence physical as well as mental processes. You can find them in many products: in massage oils, fragrance sticks, bath additives or perfumes. Anyone who has ever inhaled during a cold knows the pleasant effect. The scratchy throat is soothed and the mucous membranes calmed. But essential oils are not only popular today. Their fame goes back to late antiquity. Already in ancient Egypt they stood for divinity, power and purity. 


The application areas of essential oils

Sore joints after a workout? Many essential oils are perfect for soothing the uncomfortable feeling with warm or cold compresses. Mixed with base oils like jojoba or almond oil, they make soothing body creams and massage oils. Yes, even a perfume you could mix yourself with the help of essential oils. But besides its physical application, essential oils are also used in the treatment of psychological problems. Among other things, they help with anxiety and insomnia, strengthen the immune system or treat kidney and bladder problems. We will show you a few examples of what the individual oils can do:


Lavender oil

Even the Romans liked to put lavender in their hot baths. Lavender oil has a calming effect on people, improves well-being and relieves pain. But that's not all - it also has a strong antiseptic effect. By the way, you can find this oil almost everywhere: in perfumes, cleaning products or body care.


Lemon oil

The powerful effect of lemon is not only shown in combination with hot water for a cold. As an insider tip against fever, it also helps with digestive, or skin problems and promotes the spirit and the general state of mind. Lemon oil suppresses infections and lowers high blood pressure. And it is also an advisable companion in stressful times, after all, it increases the ability to concentrate and has an antidepressant effect. 


Vanilla oil

Vanilla is not only terribly good in high-calorie sweet pastries. The essential oil increases mental activity and spreads good mood. In Germany, it is even the most popular fragrance in the home four walls! No wonder, because the smell gives us a sense of well-being in peace. That is why it is often used as a natural snooze agent. The ingredient vanillin is very similar to the male pheromones. Thus, vanilla can also be super used as a herbal stimulant.


Mint oil

The essential oil of peppermint creates a clear head and clear thoughts. It has an invigorating and fresh effect on us - not only because of this, the green plant is also often used in chewing gum and toothpaste. The oils promote digestion, relieve headaches and help detoxify the body. It can also be used to treat sprains and joint pain. 


Valuable oil is also extracted from the cannabis plant

Among other things, the cannabis plant is also used in the cosmetics industry. Above all, its more than 500 known active ingredients make it popular: proteins, vitamins and various cannabinoids. Essential oils are also contained in the cannabis plant. CBD oils have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. Even though the exact effects are still undergoing various studies, many report the positive effects. In combination with other essential oils, CBD oil becomes a great and universal substitute for conventional drugstore remedies. 


Author: Anna

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