CBD & Sports

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„An active lifestyle requires optimal regeneration.“

CBD and hemp products are a new, global trend and receive more and more attention and acceptance in Germany. Especially in the sports industry CBD is a new buzzword and you might wonder how exactly the active ingredient can help you in your training. The versatile properties almost sound like a new miracle cure, don't they? For the athletes among us CBD has a great benefit thanks to its many advantages. CBD and sport complement each other perfectly, many athletes use CBD against pain in the body or for a better sleep. The effect of CBD is very versatile, which is why CBD & hemp products are more and more used in the sports industry. Cannabidiol, short CBD, is one of over 100 cannabinoids in the female hemp plant, a biochemical compound in cannabis. In contrast to the well-known cannabinoid THC, it is not psychoactive and therefore has no intoxicating effect. On the contrary, CBD is considered to be an antagonist and is even said to relieve intoxication, as it breaks down THC. CBD has many positive effects on the human body, which is why the hype about the cannabinoid cannot be stopped. The most common form is CBD oils, which you take orally with a pipette.


Effective sports training comes with rest

Many professional athletes report that CBD oil helps them especially in their sporting performance. After very intensive training, for example, cannabidiol or CBD can help to regenerate the muscles, as it has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. During training, the muscle is irritated, causing small injuries to the muscle. Such inflammations are quite normal. If the muscle then gets enough recovery time, it will become stronger. CBD can accelerate this process of regeneration, which makes your training more effective. Also a restful sleep is very important after training, so that the body can build muscles.

CBD and Sport: Faster Recovery

The human organism is exposed to considerable stress every day. In sports we want to push our body to new heights, build muscle mass, reduce fat or simply improve our strength and endurance. With every training session we give our muscles new impulses that help to improve performance. After a short time, we need more and more effort, as our body gets used to the training quickly. This causes new injuries and inflammations, which can heal faster with the help of CBD oil and sufficient regeneration time. Many athletes also swear by taking CBD when suffering from sore muscles. Although it is often a good feeling to feel the pain after sports, because for many it is the proof of a successful and intensive training. Nevertheless, sore muscles means that the muscles have been overstrained and small cracks have formed. In our body there are receptors to which CBD docks. With CBD oil the pain can be relieved and the healing process accelerated.