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CBD and Yoga: Can you deepen your yoga practice through CBD?

Most people know that CBD can help promote sleep. However, there are a number of other positive characteristics that are attributed to CBD. Among other things, CBD is said to be effective against stress, to stimulate your attention and to contribute to a quicker regeneration - all qualities that can make your yoga practice easier and deeper.

In India, the home country of yoga, hemp was attributed a special meaning early on

The idea of combining CBD and Yoga is not new, but deeply rooted in Indian mythology. Already more than 3500 years ago, at the time of the origin of the Vedas, hemp (Hindi: Bhang) was considered one of five sacred plants and was used for medical and meditative purposes. It is believed that in the hemp plant Shiva the "Fortunate One" lives and expands the consciousness of those who consume the plant. It is not for nothing that Shiva is also called "The Lord of Bhang". His followers, the Shiva-Sadhus, are not only considered masters of yoga and meditation, but also hemp experts. At that time, hemp was mainly drunk as Bhang, a milky drink made from the leaves and flowers. The consumption of bhang was considered so sacred that it was believed to bring good luck, protect from evil and cleanse from sins. Today, there are two other types of Bhang, with hemp being used for spiritual practices in Hinduism: As chara, a kind of hashish, consumed or smoked as ganja.

Facilitate and deepen the yoga practice with CBD?

CBD is the non- intoxicating part of the cannabis plant and the effect is more physical. After ingestion CBD can contribute to a feeling of relaxation, which you can use to let yourself fall more easily into the yoga exercises and dive deeper into your practice. Yoga wants to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Some studies suggest that CBD can expand the spiritual potential of a person and contribute to an increase in attention. The combination of yoga and CBD can therefore help you to focus on the present moment and to expand your state of consciousness.

Depending on the desired effect, you can take CBD before or after your yoga practice

Since the effect of CBD is slightly delayed, it is recommended not to take CBD immediately before your yoga practice. How long it takes for CBD to take effect depends on many individual factors like height, weight and metabolism. As an approximate guideline 30 - 60 minutes are considered. Just the conscious use of CBD as an integral part of your preparation can help you to find your way into your yoga practice more easily. Other rituals such as lighting a candle or using essential oils and/or air freshener can also be helpful in your preparation. You can also benefit from the positive effects of CBD if you take it after your yoga practice. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties CBD can contribute to a faster regeneration of the muscles. Muscle soreness is nothing more than small local inflammations in the body caused by fine muscle fibre tears. So to prevent muscle soreness, it is best to take CBD immediately after the yoga session.

Author: Alina

Tags: Yoga, CBD

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