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How CBD can help you with your New Year resolutions

The new year has begun - with plenty of banging, lots of champagne and of course the good intentions - after all, from 2020 everything should be better! Less stress, more time for family and friends, finally getting active again, a healthier diet - the list is long and endless. So it's no wonder that almost 40% of Germans said, according to statistics from November 2019, that their initial motivation had fizzled out after just one month. A proud number, 14% also stated that they had not even tried to make the good intentions. But how can you stick to your new goals? We have the solution for you!

Try CBD!

Hardly any other dietary supplement has made such headlines lately as CBD, with predominantly positive instead of negative reports - and that already means something today! Yes, by now probably everyone should have become aware of the non-psychoactive gift of the cannabis plant. Whether for the improvement of the quality of life, for sports or even for the new annual resolutions CBD shows its full potential - and thus supports you in all situations of life. Let's go!

From a non-active member to a committed sportsman

It's one of those sports and inner bastard things. After all, if you think you can motivate yourself to become an active athlete at least with a gym and the monthly amount of money that goes with it... the more disillusionment you feel after a few weeks. Once again, one prefers to spend an evening relaxing on the couch and the contract with the gym is quickly cancelled. Exact figures are not available - but it is assumed that about 50 % of the customers are simply inactive. In order to avoid ending up as one, you should make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough fluids and eat enough. Yes, recovery is indeed the solution - because after an intensive training this should be the main focus for your muscles and you - and CBD helps you with that! At Imperial College in London they found out that CBD, if properly dosed, can reduce painful inflammation after training by 50%. Sore muscles - goodbye! CBD has also made a name for itself through its pain-relieving effect. Taken before and after training it can cause a strong reduction of pain. Its natural appetite suppressant effect will make it even easier for you to lose a few pounds if you are also looking to lose weight.

Chill your base with CBD

One of the most important goals of the Germans for 2019 was to reduce or even avoid stress in life. We live in a meritocracy and those who don't function are quickly sorted out. No wonder that the work mobile phone is also constantly checked during holidays. Of course, the pure intake of CBD cannot exclusively provide for a balanced "I". However, it contributes significantly to reducing mood swings, headaches and, among other things, muscle tension associated with stress. And then it is up to you to find out which situations in your life give you the greatest stress and to work on reducing it.

Say goodbye to smoking

What used to be the grubby pothead is now the health-conscious CBD cigarette smoker. Yes, somehow they are the hippies of the tobacco lobby and might even soon put an end to the unhealthy smoke. In one study, smokers reduced their consumption by a whole 40% in the time they were consuming for the CBD study. Many of our customers report that with CBD they found it easier to stop smoking!

Master new challenges

For many, the new year also means change: whether it is a move or a new professional challenge. But new, social situations can be intimidating. And it has often happened to you that you thought you suddenly had a speech impediment because the words just wouldn't come out of your mouth properly. New challenges often come along with a lot of stress - but CBD can help you to cope with these situations. It interacts with the body's natural endocannabinoid system to promote a two-way communication system between neurons. This reduces the stress hormone cortisol and makes it easier for you to start new challenges.

Author: Anna

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