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CBD Oil when Fasting

The time has come again: On February 26th the forty-day fasting period began. As penance and for contemplation, it is a tradition in Christianity to abstain from food from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Even if this renunciation is voluntary, more and more Germans are planning to renounce a certain luxury food or consumer goods during this period. According to a survey by the DAK, 63 percent of Germans wanted to do so last year, compared to only 53 percent in 2002. Whether it's giving up the smartphone, driving a car or eating sweets - good intentions are quickly made. However, if we get into a stressful situation, our stamina quickly falters. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a harmless remedy that would counteract the stress and strengthen our stamina?

Fasting with CBD

Of course, there are already some active ingredients that are said to have such an effect. CBD is one of the most popular. Extensive scientific observations suggest the use of cannabidiol against stress. This is mainly because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a part of our nervous system. Through the production of serotonin, the ECS influences sleep, the feeling of satiety, mood, pain perception and immune processes, among other things. CBD helps the system to keep these processes in balance. CBD also has an influence on the body's own messenger substance adrenaline, which is released in greater quantities during stress - a measure necessary for survival in order to be able to react appropriately in dangerous situations. However, a permanently increased adrenaline level is harmful. Since CBD inhibits the release of adrenaline, it can have a calming effect and increase our tolerance levels to stress. CBD also affects the release of cortisol. The stress hormone, to which anti-inflammatory properties are actually attributed, suddenly promotes inflammation itself when overproduction occurs. By inhibiting the release of cortisol, CBD has a regulating effect.

Less stress & more stamina with CBD

Due to these properties, CBD can contribute to a permanent reduction in stress levels. Situations that we would have easily gotten into in the past can no longer throw us off track so easily. Looking back, most things are not worth getting upset about. Less stress also means that we can now turn our energy to the really important things. In Lent, this means using it all to get through the 40 days without cheating. In this sense we wish you a contemplative fasting period!

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